Monday, May 6, 2013

The Famous Manila Bay Sunset

Waiting for the sun to set at the Manila Bay

     No matter how dreadful a day is, I look forward to the time when the sun will finally set to say goodbye to the woes of the day and to give everyone the promise of a new and a better tomorrow.  Speaking of sunsets, have you ever witnessed how the sun graciously sets at Manila Bay?  I was there a couple of weeks back and saw for myself that it was beyond beautiful, to say that it was breathtaking is even an understatement.  And so yes, it isn't famous for nothing! 

    The Manila Bay sunset has cast a spell on me, imprinting on my mind the image of total beauty and absolute serenity.  I can just sit by the bay and wait for nightfall; watching intently as the sun slowly and magically goes  down from the sky and disappears right before my eyes.

     I am aware that the pictures I took of the Manila Bay sunset can never do justice to how magnificent it actually is.  But just the same, please allow me to share them with you...


The sun was beginning to set at the Manila Bay. It was so huge and bright that I momentarily lost my vision from the sun's glare.

The sun was slowly going down from the sky and disappearing right before my very eyes at the Manila Bay. Bye bye sun. And so the promise of a new day is soon to unfold.

     Oh, and by the way, the Manila Bay sunset is best viewed with your significant other because it is definitely romantic that way! Oh, and that was just me kidding! hahaha! I was with no special someone that day, but that did not diminish the charm and pleasant experience of being able to see the golden sunset at Manila Bay.  It doesn't matter really if you are going alone or if you have company. Either way,  I strongly suggest that you spare some time to experience this alluring visual treat, which is surely going to be worth your while.  Most of all, it is free to enjoy;  just how the best things in life  should really be. :D

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  1. witnessed it too. and i was in awe..shockz super ganda talaga..


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