Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

       That is probably one of the greetings I've been wanting to receive for myself (hehehe).   Unfortunately, I do not fit the title, for I am not a mother (still) :-/ .  Anyway and obviously, this is not and cannot be a post about me.  This is for those who have  had it harder, rougher and without complain; our mothers..

       While all of us are the sons/daughters of our respective parents, being a parent however, is a special task that just cannot be casually handed to anyone or everyone.  And while we didn't need to do anything to become someone's child, our mothers have to constantly work hard and sacrifice a part of  their being in order for us kids to have a good life.   I don't need to be a mother myself to be able to say that, but by just being a daughter, I can categorically state that to be a mother means so much more..
Being a mother is a profession, and it is permanent and irrevocable.  You cannot be a mother for a day, or for a year, or for a brief moment you may choose to have. From the very day when a child is born,  a mother is also born. And the work starts there. And it never ends.
A mother  is never alone in her thoughts.  She may have allowed you to go out with your peers, or you may have decided to live independently, but a mother's thoughts always go where her child is.
A mother's love is the only force I know that cannot be repelled. You may have disagreed with her a couple of times or you may have disappointed her with your decisions, but a mother's love never ceases to exist no matter the arguments and disappointments.
     To be a mother is to be in love forever with your child.  And for all their selfless love,  forever is probably not enough to show our mothers just how much we love and appreciate them...  Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and to you (if applicable) and to yours! :D

"Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother." -- Lin Yutang

Sunday, May 6, 2012


       The moon has often been said to stir some romantic feelings within us (ever heard of a lovers' moon :-p ), or to be the cause of natural disasters (tsunamis, tidal waves, earthquakes). Some find a full moon lovely, while others think of it as creepy (imagine a halloween witch on her broomstick flying across the night sky with the full moon as her background hihihi!).  In movies,  a werewolf's transformation is often associated with a full moon;  and this  is just the kind of bad news a vampire doesn't need (har har!).  Thus, a moon can be one's delight, and another's dilemma.

       Our moon, with all  the fuss and attention it frequently gets,  ironically looks rather plain and boring from an earthling's point of view (white with black/gray areas, nothing more).  Be that as it may seem, however, the moon remains a  mystery (alien life-form inhabitants, don't you think?).

       Oh, by the way, if you haven't heard or read yet, we're having a Supermoon tonight! That means that this is when the moon is closest to earth (or perigee); and thus, appears to be at its largest. And since no moon blog would ever be complete without an actual snapshot, I went and took a supermoon picture. So, which side of the supermoon do you see? Is it pleasantly romantic, or halloween-like horrific? :D

supermoon 2012