Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pregnancy Over 40

To be pregnant at 50 is something unthinkable (if not impossible!) back in the days when apple and blackberry were known simply as fruits. With the advent of internet, and modernization of course, everything has become quite realizable.  Among other things, the possibility includes pregnancy even when one is already over the age of 40.

And so you might ask, is it really true that one can still  be in the family way even after she had already celebrated more than 4 decades of existence on earth? Possible?  Yes. Without complication? That is another question.  In fact, all pregnancies, regardless of the mother’s age, carry with it some known risks and so precaution from these is really essential. Utmost care to both mother and the unborn child is definitely necessary.

Why do women want to get pregnant anyway? Reasons to be pregnant vary from one woman to another.  A beauty contestant once declared that to be a mother is one of the essences of being a woman, and this, I suppose, was the winning answer that helped her bring home the crown. Some would probably say that having a child is a fulfillment like no other; a “dream come true” of some sorts.  While others might admit that having a child is a decision based on more practical reasons; having someone by your side, a companion, most especially when one is already in her twilight years.

So after realizing that you do want to have a child (regardless of whatever reason you may actually have), what then are some of the natural ways to get pregnant?  Following are some tips that might just help a woman conceive:
  1. Understand your cycle. Understanding your cycle is important because this will help you identify the days when you are most fertile, and thus, intercourse can be planned and timed during this time.
  2. Eat the right kinds of food. Good diet and healthy pregnancy go hand and hand. Avoid processed foods and when possible, consume lots of dark green leafy vegetables plus fresh fruits too.
  3. Eliminate stress.  Stress has been always dubbed as a silent killer. And yes, it kills your chances of getting pregnant too.  Try to get plenty of rest and also, indulge in some R&R.

Given the ways on how to get pregnant naturally, would these tips work if say, a woman is already 40 years old or even way past this age?  There are actually some reports of women who got pregnant at 50! The thing is, getting pregnant, regardless of age, can be tough for some women. Sadly,  it becomes tougher with age.  Difficult, yes, but not entirely impossible.  How to get pregnant at 40, you may wonder?  The most important thing to consider is the woman’s general being, her health and overall condition.  Success rate of getting pregnant is definitely higher if one is healthy.  We probably all know that to be healthy, we must eat properly and stay away from damaging habits and substances.  It is also essential to have a good doctor who will help a woman increase and boost her fertility, and also, who will give the right amount of care to ensure a healthy pregnancy for both the mother and the unborn child.
note:  This article  was submitted for an online application  to which I got accepted. :)