Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fish Spa, Anyone?

I was in a  fishy situation recently, and quite literally.  Going up north, we stopped at Kultura Splash Wave in the province of La Union for some rest and recreation before heading to our main destination. As I was terribly bored and definitely suffering from the blues, I decided to try something new.  The place offered some interesting activities for me to try for the first time, though let me just say that I wasn't really intrested in going on rock climbing or being suspended on a zipline.  But just right after we paid for our entrance fee, I saw this tarpaulin and it immediately got hold of my usually fleeting interest, and has stirred back to life my nearly dying sense of curiosity:

Fish Spa sign

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Famous Manila Bay Sunset

Waiting for the sun to set at the Manila Bay

     No matter how dreadful a day is, I look forward to the time when the sun will finally set to say goodbye to the woes of the day and to give everyone the promise of a new and a better tomorrow.  Speaking of sunsets, have you ever witnessed how the sun graciously sets at Manila Bay?  I was there a couple of weeks back and saw for myself that it was beyond beautiful, to say that it was breathtaking is even an understatement.  And so yes, it isn't famous for nothing!