Sunday, July 29, 2012

Android Apps Free - For Camera and Photo Effects

       Do you have an Android phone?   I have been  in a relationship with my Android phone for a year now, and I must say that the partnership is just getting better and better hehehe... I used to joke about how I am married to  my laptop, and that we have two kids; my Kindle reader, and my Samsung Galaxy Tab, which is, by the way, an Android phone.  Anyway, what are your favorite free Android applications for your camera and photo needs? I am listing here some of the apps I like best, and if you want to try them out, you may download them from your Play Store.  Presenting you with my short list:

  • Camera 360.  This is  the best free camera application I have downloaded and used so far. And believe me, I have downloaded quite a lot. The one thing I like most about Camera 360 is its image stabilization function. This function assures me that none of my photos are blurry due to sudden and unplanned hand movements while taking a shot. As a bonus, this app also has awesome photo editing tools for pretty effects; HDR, Lomo, Magic Skin, etc.  On the downside, there seems to be a problem with its sharing tool after a recent update. I get an error now every time I try to share my photos via facebook. Oh well, that seems trivial anyway, because there are other means of uploading pics via facebook if you have an Android phone.

Photo and editing by Camera 360 application

Photo and editing by Camera 360 application

  • PhotoWonder. You have to try PhotoWonder because it really does wonders to your portrait photos. This application has edit, beautify, decorate and effect functions to make your photographs (and of course, you)  picture perfect! I know photo editing applications for Android are dime a dozen, but from the dozen or so that I have downloaded, this is the one  that can make persons in  pictures look pretty without making them look terribly pale or washed out.  Funny how this app can make a picture's subject look slimmer,  make the eyes look larger (or smaller), give one a better looking,  acne free complexion, and much more! With PhotoWonder, you're always ready for your closeup :D

  • Hair Change. Have you ever wondered how you would look like if you had long hair? Did you ever consider having a very short hair cut, but stopped yourself from doing so because you were scared of its outcome? Have you ever fancied having your hair dyed into a certain colour but you were just so unsure and didn't want any regrets if it didn't suit you? The answer is here, and the answer is Hair Change :D.. Hair Change let's you see for yourself if a particular hair style and colour will suit you before you actually take that plunge ;-) . It has a variety of hair templates for short, medium, and long hairstyles. You simply choose your picture (a headshot) and skim through all the templates to see what hair style (and colour)  looks good  on you. The app is flexible in a lot of ways and is really fun to use. 

PhotoWonder + Hair Change apps

      If i haven't stressed it well enough, let me reiterate for the nth time that these applications are free and available for your easy download. As a disclaimer by the way, allow me to say that none of these  applications paid me to write this blog hehehe :D Enjoy your pictures everyone! :D

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