Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Luneta Children's Playground

     After more than 2 decades since my last visit here, nothing much has changed. Except that everything seemed to be smaller now..  This was probably what Alice in Wonderland felt!  It was pretty much like being in a dream; seeing things again after such a looong time but wondering why they've become so tiny now. Maybe because i've grown bigger, taller (and older!).. but when did all these start to happen? he he he.. i really can't tell...

     If you've frequented Luneta's Children's Playground as a kid,  then you might recognize these lovable characters too. It's amazing how after all these years, they have managed to survive; still looking just the way they used to. Except that, yes, in my adult eyes, they have now become smaller in size,  but nevertheless,  will always have a very big place in my childhood heart...

I used to sit between these  'froggies'  and  everytime i do, I remember my feet dangling and could never reach the ground. now, the adorable kermits just go past my knees, a little over 3 feet perhaps.

the pumpkin house. if only i could go in, the way i used to, just like this little boy. right now, i wonder how i could manage for im almost as tall as the pumpkin!

When i saw this little girl, i got nostalgic. she was the one who welcomed me everytime i went to the playground. still situated right after the entrance, she held a drinking fountain (no bottled water then) where, aside from drinking, i would often wash my hands and face whenever i felt them getting dirty. she seemed so tall then, i had to tiptoe if i wanted to reach for the fountain... but now, i had to look down to get a better view of her. and sadly, the fountain is no more :(

as a kid, i would often slide my way down from these colorful slides and it seemed like forever before i reached the bottom sands. well, seeing these now, i realized the slides werent that long nor wide nor endless :p

The shoe house is a must for every kid visiting the Children's Playground. and just like this little girl, i would often get in, walking upright, and climbing my way up the window. but now, if i wanted to get in, i would have to crawl... thanks, but no thanks. :D


  1. beautiful photo effects, nice post...hahaha. Kidding aside, seeing places we frequented in the past tend to bring back memories, good or bad. I'm just glad that what you have with this park are good memories. Keep on posting Gigster, Happy Easter. :)

  2. Not been to Luneta for the longest time, and thanks to you, I now have

    1. Please do visit Luneta again.. and thanks for visiting my blog..


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