Monday, October 1, 2012

The MOA Eye

The MOA Eye
      I am scared of heights. Terribly scared. However, some fears need to be conquered. Most especially if you are planning to take on the Philippine's tallest Ferris Wheel, and I mean none other than the gigantic MOA EYE (Mall Of Asia EYE). 

      I have probably stared from a distance at the Moa Eye for more times than I could actually remember; always imagining myself seated in one of its cabins, or gondolas as they are called, but not having enough courage to make the image in my mind come true. I would often take pictures of the Ferris Wheel and admire its grandeur from afar, always promising myself that one day, I shall be taking photographs from inside the gondola, as a passenger, no less.

The gondola in front of us @ the MOA Eye

      And so the day has finally arrived. The promised day! hehehe! It was a bit early at half past one in the afternoon to conquer the mighty Moa Eye, but I was already there, and no, I will not wait any longer. I knew it was fate, and who was I to challenge it? :D  Tickets cost 150 PHP per person  for the regular ride, the VIP gondolas, at 300 PHP,  don't open till after 2 in the afternoon.    Since I didn't want to wait another minute, I secured 2 regular tickets and I was sure glad that there was someone with me to share the momentous event! Ha!  I thought perhaps it would be fun to have a first-timer, like myself,  screaming  enjoying with me as we  travel up the 160 feet high Ferris Wheel.  And I was correct! We absolutely had fun screaming! :D

View from inside a gondola of the MOA Eye

At first I thought those were people, but then they had to be parked motorcycles. My view from atop the MOA Eye

      My MOA Eye experience was reminiscent of my first (and only!) Ferris Wheel ride some 15 years ago. The main difference is that the old, conventional Ferris Wheel felt scarier because you weren't inside a cabin to offer you some comfort and much protection.   The MOA Eye ride lasted for  approximately 10 minutes,  just a full round of  its circumference.  Did I wish for it to be shorter longer than that?  Hmmm... I was honestly itching to go down. Not that I didn't enjoy it,  the ride was pleasurable and smooth,  I didn't feel any change in altitude at all - quite the opposite of my experience from taking the old, regular Ferris Wheel years ago.  Though the 10-minute round-trip is more than just enough for me,  I must say that I am willing to conquer my fear of heights again, if only for the great MOA Eye :D

The gondolas have become somewhat rusty and could use some cleaning, the windows do look foggy too.  View from atop the MOA Eye


  1. I'll be in Metro Manila this November. Maybe that'll be the best time for me to check out the MOA Eye as well. I think I'll most likely freak out though.

    1. It wasn't really that horrifying, but I am terribly scared of heights. The ride was a breeze, believe me. :) I'm not sure if it is better to take the evening ride, but I am thinking, perhaps it would be nice to see all the city lights while you're on top of the MOA Eye :D I hope you'll have the opportunity to get in on one of those gondolas this November, I'm pretty sure you'll be delighted as I was... Oh and by the way, thanks for dropping by :D


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