Wednesday, March 21, 2012


The hardest thing to do, as in anything I suppose, is to start -- starting your day, starting with work, starting a new relationship, and yes, starting a blog. I was browsing over tons of blogs here in order to help me get started. However, the more blogs I read, the more I get overwhelmed.  What on earth do I write here? As of yet, I have no idea. Maybe later on, I'd have one solid theme, or perhaps a topic I could very well write about. Maybe. Perhaps.
Be that as it may, I have to get this started. Otherwise, I might not even go past the background/layout editing part. As I have read and observed from the bloggers here, the proper way to start a blog is to introduce one's self... Ok then, here goes...I am probably the most unintresting person i know. I was born and raised in the city, the only daughter in a family of eight. Went to University, once aimed at becoming a lawyer, however, lost target. I pretty much enjoy going online, and I mean very much. I dont own a television, hardly read paperbacks or the papers, but i would always surf and browse about anything and everything I need via the internet. Recently, I discovered an interest in photography and thus, consider it as one of my budding hobbies... there.. having said that, I think I have already written my very first blog entry. That was the start i needed. hehehe. Thank you for dropping by. I'd be genuinely glad if someday, I could even be half as good as them bloggers. And yes, I mean YOU.  :)


  1. Hi Gigsterrr! this is a good start, a very nice introduction. don't worry about theme for now, just share your thoughts about anything you feel like sharing, and have fun. Good luck! Again, welcome to blogosphere! (nosebleed akech, hahaha!)

  2. omg!!! how will i do mine :D hehehe
    i know you will do yours unsweated.
    Nicely written. Good luck. Enjoy writing so that we will always have a good read.

  3. Nice intro! I could sense that you'll develop a passion for blogging. You'll definitely go a long way here, Gigster! You'll soon realize that what you tagged about yourself as the "most uninteresting person" will soon turn out to be "the most interesting person" through your blogs. Enjoy! Keep on sharing your thoughts for others to ponder. :-)

  4. ThePinayWanderer virus goes viral..bwahaha

    nice entry este intro pala..


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