Sunday, January 27, 2013

BOHOL: Danao Adventure

     First, let me just say that I have this enormous fear of heights. Second, and naturally, I hate any activity involving heights. Third, I don't know exactly why I allowed myself to be part of a group,  members  of which define exciting as being suspended (very) high above the ground. How could something so scary be even near exciting?  A different high (pardon the pun) for them,  maybe? Oh well, but I couldn't backout no more. You see, we were all going to Danao, Bohol, to experience an adventure.
Everything has been planned, transportation has already been arranged; from Cebu, we were to take a ferry to Tubigon, Bohol,  and from there, a hired van was commissioned to take us to Danao. Talk about planning. Aside from being courageous, this group was well organized :). 
 And so the highly feared anticipated day has arrived.   I frightedly  We excitedly set our sails for the adventure one early morning in December. Without any sleep and having absolutely no breakfast, I strutted my way to the ferry trying hard not to mind all the baggage strapped over my body.  Honestly, though, I  felt like a christmas  tree, what with all those heavy decorations (baggage) around me! As I was making my way inside the boat, I couldnt help but wonder if I accidentally dropped some  rocks inside my bags.  Boy, they were heavier than heavy! My baggage must've weighed more than me! Perhaps this was just part of the adventure, so I patiently reminded myself...  carry on.. carry on... and I meant it literally.
Star Craft.  Photo courtesy of Mr. Ruel Marquez
The boat ride was a breeze. I was actually hoping to catch up on sleep, but all hopes turned to despair. I was too anxious and didn't have the power to order my nerves to calm down. In my silence, I secretly wished for at least one group member to change his/her mind about the adventure; to back out, to lose interest, to just don't participate! I looked at each and every one of my companions hoping to get any reaction, but they were all peacefully napping. Heck! I was the only one conscious!  

The two-hour boat ride has concluded,  and we finally reached Tubigon!  From there, travel time to Danao was expected to be 2 hours or so... Or so I thought! Our driver, who can be likened to Evel Knievel because of his driving tricks skills, was able to take us to Danao in only half the expected time.  Lurking on my mind was, "if I could survive his hellish driving, then every adventure in Danao would seem like peanuts..."   Hah! Bring it on then!   
And so we finally arrived in Danao.   I,  dizzy  from our almost-roller-coaster land trip, and my group mates,  all looking  excited without a care in the world!  Yes, I was excited too!  Excited that I was finally going to leave my very heavy bags in the van for the meantime and that I was going to walk straight at last! We all scrambled to the ticket office and inquired about the rides/adventures offered.
Danao Adventure Menu (as of December, 2012):
Wahig River Air Tour (12-15 mins)  - 2,200php
Choco Hills Air Tour (45min- 1 hour) - 6,500php
The Plunge - 700php/pax
Suislide - 350 php/pax
SkyRide 250php/pax
Caving (Moderate) - 350php/pax
Caving (Extreme) - 550php/pax
Cliff Rappel - 600php/pax
Root Climb - 400php/pax
River Kayak - 300php/pax
Village Tour - 300php/pax
Off Road Buggy - 700/2pax, 2 Laps,30 mins
River Tubing - 300php/pax
River Trek - 300php/pax

 Reading through the menu is not as easy as ordering from your favorite restaurant's menu.  At first glance, I wanted to try the Village Tour. But my group mates looked at me like I was some sort of a freak and they were all like, "HUWATTT?!!"  Alright, alright. So I told them I was trying the Sky Ride, if  only to appease them a bit.  I think they were more scared that I was going to drag them with me to the Village Tour, than say, taking The Plunge or  doing The Suislide (he he he!)...  but Suislide?! Oh don't you just love how this adventure was appropriately named? Kinda makes me think of one's final slide into some bottomless pit... waaaaah!
Sky Ride at Danao Adventure
The Sky Ride is Danao's version of Tagaytay City's Cable Car ride, which I have proudly  conquered some months ago (Ehem!),   while the Suislide is commonly known as Zipline in other adventure destinations.
Suislide at Danao Adventure.  Photo courtesy of  Mr. Ruel Marquez

My courageous companions, opted for the Sky Ride, Suislide, and the bravest of us all took The Plunge (uhm.. i don't mean getting married).  So, what is taking The Plunge like, by Danao Adventure standards? Here you go...

Preparing for The Plunge, Danao Adventure. Photo courtesy of Ruel Marquez

The Plunge, Danao Adventure.  Photo courtesy of Mr. Ruel Marquez
Not meaning to scare anyone, but if The Plunge doesn't go right, i mean if the cables break off somehow, then you'll land on this flowing stream with very sharp rocks to welcome your fall. Ouch! 
The Plunge, Danao Adventure.  Photo courtesy of Mr. Ruel Marquez
But I guess it was really no great threat for my companion.  If this picture is any indication of how much she enjoyed The Plunge, then we should all be taking it just like her! She was even snapping a picture of her smiling self with her cellphone! I'm not sure if she was just inherently brave or I'm just a mere scaredy cat...  Make that a mere sensible scaredy cat who values her life and would rather die of natural causes. Thank you.  hahaha! :D
And so there you have it, the not-so-brave account of my Bohol, Danao Adventure.  Given the opportunity, I would like to go back and try the other adventures on their menu (next time, I'm not going to miss The Plunge Village Tour! hahaha!) :-)  Go plan your trip and have a great, courageous, fun-filled adventure ahead of you! :D

Monday, October 1, 2012

The MOA Eye

The MOA Eye
      I am scared of heights. Terribly scared. However, some fears need to be conquered. Most especially if you are planning to take on the Philippine's tallest Ferris Wheel, and I mean none other than the gigantic MOA EYE (Mall Of Asia EYE). 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Coffee Art and More in A Bag of Beans, Tagaytay City

Cafe Latte @ A Bag of Beans
     I have been a coffee drinker (and lover!) for as long as I can remember. Back in the days when coffee means just being black, I was already a supporter and a fan. I love coffee so much that I'm certainly not going to last a day without a warm cup of it to start my day. And so I do understand why some people need  to drive (and travel) that extra mile for their favorite blend. Well, as for me, the gang and I went straight to Tagaytay City, specifically to A Bag of Beans for our warm, rich and delicious coffee. Just perfect for Tagaytay's cool breeze. In A Bag of Beans, they don't just serve coffee, but every warm cup is a work of art...

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Android Apps Free - For Camera and Photo Effects

       Do you have an Android phone?   I have been  in a relationship with my Android phone for a year now, and I must say that the partnership is just getting better and better hehehe... I used to joke about how I am married to  my laptop, and that we have two kids; my Kindle reader, and my Samsung Galaxy Tab, which is, by the way, an Android phone.  Anyway, what are your favorite free Android applications for your camera and photo needs? I am listing here some of the apps I like best, and if you want to try them out, you may download them from your Play Store.  Presenting you with my short list:

Exchange Links

  Hey dear bloggers! Would you like to exchange links with me?  I would surely want to be notified about your posts, and I hope you'd like to be updated with mine.  If so, kindly comment here and leave your blog's URL so that I  can follow you AFTER you add me up to your list.  I'll be checking your site soon. Please don't forget to add me up. Thanks! :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Captcha, gotcha!

      Is it just me or Captcha is actually for aliens? Before I start, please allow me to define what I cannot read (hehehe!).  The term CAPTCHA (for Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart) was coined in 2000 by Luis von Ahn, Manuel Blum, Nicholas Hopper and John Langford of Carnegie Mellon University ). A Captcha is a program that can generate and grade tests that  humans  can pass but current computer programs cannot (  When browsing or surfing the internet, you typically find a Captcha whenever a certain site wants to verify that you are indeed human by asking you to correctly identify a combination of letters and/or numbers that are garbled. And I dont mean simply garbled. The characters are actually garbled big time!

I wonder. Are you human enough to type the two words correctly? :D

How about this? I need your help, please :D

      Captcha's definition specifically tells us that humans, and not computer programs can pass  the test for validation. I wonder. Of course I am human, but why is it that I cannot pass Captcha's validation? Could I be lacking in the required intelligence or are they simply doubting that I am flesh and blood?   Hmmm..  Maybe I am just slow in the head. Oh, but I was able to sign up for this blog with Captcha allowing me to get through.  Yeah, right.  I am officially an alien;  part human (sometimes) and part computer program (oftentimes). :D

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey

      Fifty Shades of Grey, the first book of a trilogy by E L James, is a New York Times Bestseller and is intended for mature audiences. There. Having said that, if you are under the age of maturity, this book (and this post) is not for you. Hehe!  But how old does one have to be in order to qualify and to be labelled as mature?  You tell me! hehehe!  The book is heavy on the errotic/sexual side of things and if that is not your cup of tea, then i have again presented a good reason for you to discontinue reading this. Ha!  Anyway, before i totally drive you away, here is my brief account of the novel: